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Once you make the decision to continue on with the investment on education, how do you decide which program to pursue?  Do you go with the common choice of an MBA?  Or do you go out on a limb and go with what I wanted to do since my early twenties, Psychology? 

I asked one of my mentors and she polite stated that the country is flooded with unemployed people with an MBA, but that was better than getting a Master’s degree in Psychology.  What kind of  job do I think I will get with either of those degrees?  I was thinking how could she dash my big choice with such negativity? Maybe I should just look at the unemployment rate in this country today and determine education is not worth the cost because so many people are unemployed!

Now I am reflecting on some of the big decisions I have made in my life.  Like getting a divorce from a man that everyone said was “not that bad”.   I have made some choices that were not as conventional as my parents, siblings, or mentors though were sane.  But those choices have led me to where I am.  And looking back on my life I realize it hasn’t been that bad.  It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. 

I’m not pursuing a degree for a particular career.  I am continuing my education just because I want to.  I don’t have to pick which program based on what everyone thinks will result in the best financial gain in the end.  I can choose based on what I am interested in and let the chips fall where they may.


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All Grown Up

When you reach the magic age of 18 you think you have arrived at adulthood.  Next you are in your twenties.  You begin to realize some of the childish things you use to think and do when you were in your teens.  You look at your group of friends and realize you all mature at a different rate.  You began to gravitate to the friends you find the most commonality among.  You arrive at thirty.  You feel as though you have it all figured out.  You can give advice because you have lived. 

Then suddenly, you are in your forties.  Wow!  speak of arriving.  That’s the big magic number after 21.  Now you begin to really reflect on life.  You look around at your friends.  Now that word friend means something totally different.  You don’t have as many friends as you had when you were in your twenties.  You know twice as many people, but they are only acquaintances.  You have a higher level of standards in clothes, shoes, food, conversation, spirituality, etc. 

Then you begin to approach fifty.  What happened to all the plans you made?  Your friend list is even shorter while your acquaintance list is longer than ever.  Now your can be taken serious.  You have really lived.  You have experiences you can share with twenty year olds.  You have seen your goals flourish or bust. 

One of the major things you realize is life is a  continual growing up process.  You never know everything there is to know about anything.  Each day is an opportunity to learn something new.  Just relax and be all grown up!

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