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How do you decide if continuing your education is the right decision?  Do you base it solely on how much it’s going to cost ?  Or do you consider how much you can make if you step out with you new degree and start your career now.

The process of going back to school came about only by chance.  I was overcome with grief and needed something to fill the void in my heart over the death of my daughter.  I decided to start taking classes to kill idle time.  Now here I am two years later looking at the last classes I need to finish my Bachelor’s and really interested in continuing on for my Master’s.  Who would have thought!

I have to consider the cost, but as I told a student one day about repaying student loans “we don’t consider is crazy to take out a $40,000 loan to get a car it is will only last about 10 years.” 

I think my brain is worth the investment of education.  I’ll worry about the cost when it’s time to repay the loan.  I’m just going to enjoy the process of gaining such valuable knowledge.


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With all the confetti cleaned up from the Superbowl what are we football fanatics to do?  This is the problem every year around this time.

How much ESPN will I have to watch to catch a glimmer of a uniform that includes a helmet and shoulder pads?  What will replace the sound of the crowd and images on the big screen tv at the sports bar or your favorite football lounge?  What do I need Showtime for if there is no NFL on Showtime to watch?  And what is the purpose of my mini fridge if I don’t want beer anymore?  Beer doesn’t seem to taste so good if there isn’t any football to go along with it!

Well, since the tv is already on ESPN, I guess I will watch the NBA.  Let’s go LeBron!

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Hello world!

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